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I have been a patient of Natalie Pascale-Boisseau at Innate Radiance for nearly two years for acupuncture and occasional cranial sacral work.  My success with Natalie is the realization that I have a responsibility in healing my body, not just expecting another to fix me. We are a partnership together in my healing. When I think back to where I was when I started seeing Natalie to where I am now I realize I have made progress in all areas including digestion, muscular/skeletal pain and stress management. With Natalie’s expertise, I am developing a deeper awareness of my body’s stress patterns so I can intervene earlier and “nip it in the bud” before the symptoms get away from me. Natalie’s style is gentle authenticity and acceptance. She listens deeply to my body and is helping me to listen better too. I trust her implicitly. Not only is she a lovely person, she is a gifted healer and is knowledgeable in many healing modalities. I endorse Natalie for her many skills and recommend her highly for persons who have experienced any sort of trauma in their lives. Deb G.

Natalie-Pascale is sensitive and compassionate, and knows her stuff absolutely — both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I trust her totally! The health problem she treats me for (terrible hot flashes) is almost completely gone. It is lovely to see her each week – I can totally relax knowing what good hands I am placed in (and what a good heart they are attached to).Shelley M.

Natalie is a very nurturing and comforting craniosacral practitioner. She always made me feel very relaxed and at ease during my sessions. I was dealing with some infertility issues and Natalie’s craniosacral work allowed me to feel more open and less congested energetically. I greatly enjoyed my treatments with her and often fell asleep during my sessions. As a patient and fellow health care practitioner, I would recommend Natalie to any of my friends or patients who are interested in craniosacral therapy. – Lindsay S.

Natalie’s works has prevented a major spine surgery for herniated disks. With only a few treatments, the severe sciatic pain I was enduring was gone. My surgeon was surprised by the rapidity of the healing process taking place with acupuncture.J.P.

I was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety and increasing shoulder pain before I met Natalie-Pascale. One acupuncture treatment combined with cranio-sacral therapy has healed my shoulder pain. A few more sessions has lowered the stress level considerably and the high blood pressure. I continue to receive gentle acupuncture from Natalie on a regular bases now for wellness and stress release. – M. F.