Specialities and Focus of Practice: Wellness and Recovery from illness

Natalie-Pascale works with you as a team member to achieve your optimal health and balance, to be well and stay well, optimally, facilitating your natural health. She assists with management of more complex conditions as needed. Because of the nature of East-Asian medicine, its holistic approach of assessment and treatment, she can most likely treat your condition effectively even if it is not listed. See an extended list of Benefits of Acupuncture under About Acupuncture.

Natalie-Pascale’s Fields of interest and experience include :

# Family care including Infants, children and elderly
# Women’s health
# Pain, acute or chronic
# Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, MS, Parkinson Disease
# Chronic diseases and health conditions
# Digestive and Respiratory conditions
# Diabetes
# Support before surgery and Recovery from surgery, severe illness
#Post-stroke sequale
# Surgical wound healing
# Cancer treatment side effect, prevention of side effects and support for recovery
# Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, Post traumatic stress
# Smoking cessation
# Drug and alcohol detoxification and recovery