Fees with Full Payment at the Time of Service

All services are provided one patient at the time, individually. An acupuncture session usually integrates a form of manual therapy.

Initial Acupuncture visit: 1.5 hour $145.00

Follow-up Acupuncture: 1 hour $100 or 1.5 hour $145

Therapeutic Massage: 1 hour $100 or 1.5 hour $145

Cranio-sacral therapy session: 1 hour $100 or 1.5 hour $145

Home Visit: please call to for more details about your needs.

Edmonds Community Acupuncture РStress and Pain Relief and Energy Boost Рas scheduled on the Events page. Sliding scale between $25-$75 per session. Due to the pandemic, only groups formed with people knowing each other can be treated. Please call the office for more information.


Please call our office for any questions.