The Practice of Natalie-Pascale Boisseau, EAMP- L.Ac LMP

Supporting Wellness and Recovery. My approach to health is to facilitate your wellness and to support your recovery from health challenges. Preventing illness and promoting wellness through aging and through life’s challenges and seasonnal effects is also central in my work.

I provide services individually or in group.

My work

Facilitates wellness through seasons, aging, and changes

Supports Pregnancy, Birth and Post Birth

Addresses acute and chronic pain and inflammation, and illness

Relieves anxiety, insomnia, stress, PTSD

Heals form Injury and trauma, scar healing

Accelerates Recovery from surgery, and build strength

Addresses Cancer treatment side effects and recovery

Slows down MS, Parkinson, diabetes, arthritis, neuropathy

Resolves digestive troubles, IBS, nausea, respiratory illnesses

Provides supports during detoxification. medications and drugs withdrawal and smoking cessation

Supports care for the whole family, including children and elders

Strengthening Innate Health. I provide the healing environment and modalities by stimulating your natural health, also called innate health (or life force) that we all have at any moment of our life. I use acupuncture, mostly Japanese and classic acupuncture, to harmonize and balance the meridians, stenghten your constitution, and encourage your natural health to guide and activate your healing journey.

Addressing the main complaints. The work also addresses the main complaints. The work gently and firmly unwinds body patterns combined with injuries, illness, pain and restrictions. I use mostly Japanese acupuncture and cranio-sacral therapy and a myriad of modalities to develop one’s full awareness and synchronise body and mind for a progressive and lasting relief.