By Natalie-Pascale

As the season change to winter and temperature drops, and days shorten, our body and mind also adjust to the environment. The body contracts with the cold and dampness, and tends to want to sleep a bit more following the light. Winter is the time to store energy and resources. Eating root vegetable, grains squash, stews, soup, warming spices and herbs help to generate extra warmth, while being easy to digest. Sleeping well, even longer hours is good if you can.

Keep the low back warm, especially if you have low back soreness and cold.  Traditionnally in Japan,  people would wear a Haramake. It comes back in favor. It is a wide waistband made from cotton or wool, and covers the location of the adrenals and kidneys; the cloth extends from the lower rib cage down past the belly button, and covers the entire middle of the body and protecting the organs.  This supports the Vital Energy and Essence of the Adrenal glands and Kidneys. It protects the body from cold, stress and fatigue and prevents illness.

Aromatherapy for winter includes: eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, thyme, cedar and peppermint oils. I keep a bottle of peppermint and rosemary essential oils in a bottle of grapeseed oil at all time to prevent colds. I apply a little on my temples, or breath in the vapors. It does reach the blood vessels and the brain. This combination  also stimulates gently and is perfect for studying. Make your own. If your body likes your melange, it is probably because it needs it!

A good acupressure point is Kidney 3 located between the inner ankle and achilles tendon, right in the depression. It is used to treat many symptoms such as low back pain, foot pain, dizziness, asthma, poor memory, anxiety, irregular menstruations and is an excellent Kidney qi tonic. It is also grounding and relaxing. Something easy is to massage each side of the achilles tendon, both Kidney 3 and what we call Urinary Bladder 60. 

The busy schedule, active Fall season and accumulated stress may drain and disrupt the winter cycle and your well-being. The change of seasons has always been considered a good time, in old and new worlds of acupuncture and East-Asian Medicine, to receive a wellness treatment and rebalance meridians, to align body and mind and spirit.  If you do not sleep well, and feel anxious and stressed, if your old pains are returning, if you get lots of cold and your asthma acts out, it may be time to consider scheduling an acupuncture and wellness session. Otherwise, feeling good? Sleep well, eat well and take some time to enjoy the season of lights and relax.