By Natalie-Pascale

This Summer and Fall 2013, the climate has been particularly dry in the Pacific Northwest. This takes a toll on our skin, used to the misty and drizzles of Fall. If you have cracked feet or hands, or sudden rash on your skin, it may be well due due to the prolonged dryness. Cover the skin with a good oil, morning and evening. If you cough and cannot seems to resolve the coughing, again dryness may delay the healing. The heating of our home reduce the moistening from the air even more. Same if you have nose bleed.  You may want to consider using a humidifier in your bedroom at night. So if you feel dry and your body tells you as well, go outside a little more, drink more water than usual  If your cough does not resolve, add some honey to your warm drinking water, eat cooked pear. Again stay more hydrated than usual.